Diver and Instructor Training…..

Training should challenge your limits while teaching you new skills to use when the unexpected happens.  Give you in-depth knowledge of equipment needed and how to use it to meet the underwater world head on.  Bring you into new environments, some unforgiving while wondrous in what there is to reveal to you. 

Expect to be challenged, expect your skills to be better at the end of a course than the beginning, expect to look at your diving differently with every course you take. 

We don’t believe you need to harass a student for them to learn. We do believe students will create learning situations that we will use to help them retain the knowledge.  We don’t teach what to think, only how to discover what works, and there are lots of things that work.  We understand all of us learn in different ways and will use different teaching methods to help you learn regardless of how you learn best.  Pick a course and give us a try. Let us surprise you with how much more there is to learn about diving.

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