Diving Courses:

There are many established Dive Shops that are able to train divers in the basic skills they need to enjoy the recreational aspects of diving. Deeper Blue Scuba Inc. is where you learn to go beyond those recreational levels.

Deeper Blue Scuba Inc. is a recognized IANTD Platinum Facility. We offer the full catalog of courses available in the IANTD catalog. From Nitrox through full Trimix, both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit.

We focus primarily on Closed Circuit [Rebreather ] training at all levels with emphasis on all of Innerspace Systems Corp. Megalodon closed circuit systems. Divers can complete their initial Megalodon course with an air diluent, progressing through all levels of mixed gas [trimix] diving on the unit.

Want to try a rebreather? We will apply the cost of the trial to any Megalodon purchase or Closed Circuit course. We offer crossover courses based on the experience level of the diver. We also offer training on all prior versions of the Megalodon. Purchasing a used unit, contact us first about training and how to evaluate the unit prior to your purchase.

Non-Diving Courses:

Knowing how your gases are blended gives you a complete understanding of gas mixes and the blending process.  Your gas planning will change in a marked way that will save you time and money as you extend your range, diving into the realms of Nitrox and Trimix gas dives.

Adding to your personal knowledge doesn’t always happen under the water.  Knowing how to respond at the surface, or to personal First Aid crisis, could save some one you care deeply about.   It happens every day. 

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