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On this website you will find resources for beginning your journey into the technical diving world.  Some will find ideas that may challenge their training and thinking.  Some will find another path to expand their technical training.  Others will find a wonderful team of technical divers that enjoy this underwater world and want to share the experience.  What ever you find, I hope this resource will challenge you to come along and enjoy the experience. 

Robin L Bashor, President & Instructor Trainer

Why Technical Diving?....
Go deeper, stay longer, see things untouched, undisturbed and unseen

by most recreational divers. See history unmoved from where it landed

on the bottom of the ocean.  Experience life in the oceans without the
anxiety of a limited life support system.  Dive self-sufficient, prepared

for everything  to fail, yet relaxed in your training that you are prepared

to handle the failure before you even enter the water.  Enter the

underwater world with a team, trained as you are, prepared to take full

advantage of the resources of the team to handle all the water can throw

at you.  Expect to go deep and stay long, experiencing the quiet of this

underwater world in ways you never imagined you could.  Bring back images and stories to be shared and told today and into future. Where will you go? Who will you tell?  When will you start?  How long will you stay?

“Go Deep, Stay Long, Experience the Quiet!!”

For Divers…..
Check out the courses available to add to your knowledge, stay up to date with your skills or simply train to experience the next level.  Watch for upcoming training dates and opportunities to get back in the water.  All divers are welcome to dive within the limits of their training. 

For Instructors…..
Like the opportunities for divers, Instructors need time to just go diving.  Staying in the water is the place to start.  Want to co teach a program, refresh your teaching skills, move up to the next level of instruction. Become an Instructor?  We will help you plan a progression of training to take you from a recreational instructor to an advanced technical instructor.  All the while learning effective teaching methods in most cases in a co-teach environment.