CPR/Oxygen Provider/Diver 1st Aid/AED:  Instructor and administer level training in CPR, first aid, providing oxygen and the use of AED’s in real time situations.  This course teaches you what you need to know and leaves the EMT course for the advanced First Aid student.

Nitrox Gas Blender:  Your entry level gas blender course.  You will learn the basic blending skills to blend any mix of Nitrox.  Blending system planning and construction.  Use of gas boosters and evaluation of gas compression systems.  All the skills needed as prerequisite for taking the Advanced Gas Blender course.

Trimix Gas Blender:  This course is especially for those needing to be able to accurately blend helium bases gases for technical divers.  It is also an excellent additional course for all Trimix divers to develop the understanding of the process of blending the technical gases they will be diving.  You will gain an understanding of the blending process using more than two gases, the issues with ideal gases that don’t behave ideally and how to produce the requested blends of gases for the technical diving community.

For complete course pricing contact us directly.

Group discounts are available for group courses of four or more students [Two or more for CCR Students] enrolling concurrently and paying in full for the course as a group.  Multiple individual courses can be combined for discounts on extended training programs.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for the additional courses to receive the discount.  All training must be paid in full prior to the start of the course. 

Course fees do not include diver or instructor registration.    Some courses include multiple open water events while others are planned around a single open water training / evaluation section.  Additional open water sections beyond the planned number will be charged at ½ of the normal course fee.  Please check with the instructor for what is included in your course prior to the beginning your training program.

**  Materials fee's are in addition to the course fee and are subject to change as manufacturers update their catalogs.  Course fee’s DO NOT include gases, scrubber, transportation, lodging, food or any additional expenses related to the dive site or the course. **

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All of the Open and Closed Circuit courses listed can be conducted at an instructor level with certification through International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers [IANTD]. All Instructor courses are designed around teaching the instructor how to teach the course.  All instructor level courses involve co-teaching at least one or more courses to obtain the certification.

Like any course taken, you can pay for training, you can not pay for certification. 

Please contact Robin about all instructor courses. 

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Non  Diving Courses…..
Adding to your personal knowledge doesn’t always happen under the water.  Knowing how to respond at the surface, or to personal First Aid crisis, could save some one you care deeply about.   It happens every day. 

Knowing how your gases are blended gives you a complete understanding of gas mixes and the blending process.  Your gas planning will change in a marked way that will save you time and money as you extend your range, diving into the realms of Nitrox and Trimix gas dives.


As with your diving courses expect to be challenged, expect your skills to be better at the end of a course than the beginning, expect to look at your diving differently with every course you take


We don’t teach what to think, only how to discover what works, and there are lots of things that work.  We understand all of us learn in different ways and will use different teaching methods to help you learn regardless of how you learn best.  Pick a course and give us a try. Let us surprise you with how much more there is to learn about diving.