Advanced to Extreme Technical diving in Rock Lake.  A private dive location accessible by permission only.  A unique site where we do most of our Open Water training for mixed gas diving as well as rebreather training and Mixed gas diving.

Rock Lake, Santa Rosa NM 

Upcoming major events.  Come join us in the fun,  just email that you’re coming.

Bring a Rock Lake Waiver, your C-Card [Advanced  Open Water Diver or above] and $25 per day Cash for the permit.

Text Box: Open Water to Advanced  Open Water training site.  Good conditions year around.  We do most of our Technical course skills training in this site.  Any level diver is welcome.  
Text Box: Blue Hole, Santa Rosa NM  
Text Box: Bring a Blue Hole Waiver, your C-Card $20 for the weekly permit.

Rebreathers, experience marine life close up, extend your time underwater, enjoy the quiet with no bubbles and reduce your gas costs for mixed gas dives.  Whether you are learning for the first time or expanding your experience, we can help you.   

Rebreather Basic & Advanced Training

Text Box: Email us with your interest in these courses.  they will be offered throughout the year.

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