Primary Courses Offered……..  ALL COURSES CAN BE TAKEN ON OPEN OR CLOSED CIRCUIT                    There are so many more, contact us if you don’t see what you want to learn..

Self Sufficient Diver:  Learn self sufficiency tailored to your current diving.  Can you “bail out” if something goes wrong and still go home to talk about it.  OR you’re a photographer and want to limit the bubbles in the water while you’re waiting for that coral polyp to come out for a close-up. 

Nitrox:  Technical Nitrox, prepares you for the next level of technical courses.  Gives you the academic knowledge you need to under stand Nitrox, beyond how to load it into your computer.  All the calculations and decision making processes as prerequisite to enroll in the Advanced Nitrox course.

Essentials:  Learn your basic technical diving skills before you start your Advanced Nitrox course.  Buoyancy, trim, SMB skills, gas sharing, equipment configurations and equipment management .  Be ready to excel through your Advanced Nitrox Course.

Advanced Nitrox:  Learn extensive technical dive planning and the use of technical gases with up to 100% oxygen.  Polish the diving skills you learned in the Intro to Tech course and prepare to plan and dive beyond the decompression limits in your next course, Decompression Procedures.

Advanced Recreational TrimixExtend the range of your diving beyond the “No-decompression” limits.  Apply all that you have learned this far.  Understand the use of additional gases to shorten decompression times.  Extensive gas planning both individually and as a team  member, developing the skills needed to become a part of a technical team diving to new limits based on gas volumes and person gas consumption.  For the first time go deeper than the recreational depth limits.

Normoxic Trimix:  Everything jumps to a new level with Trimix.  Add a Normoxic mix of helium and reduce the narcosis you have come to know diving air.  Manage your Narcosis with the gases you will carry and breath.  Increase your maximum depth to well beyond the recreational limits.  Master the management  of multiple gases and the dive planning associated with much longer decompression dives.  Begin to see the deeper world that has in the past been out of reach.

Trimix:  Take all that you have learned to another level again.  Graduate to Hypoxic Trimix gases that will allow you to plan and conduct dives to as deep as 330ft.  Team diving at it’s best.  Advanced Gas planning, equipment management, team management and the knowledge that you have the skills to begin training for those dives you thought about when you took your first technical diving course.  Your gas consumption is down and all the equipment becomes the means to go and stay.


All of the Open Circuit and Closed Circuit courses listed can be conducted at an instructor level with certification through International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers [IANTD]. 

All Instructor courses are designed around teaching the instructor how to teach the course.  All instructor level courses involve co-teaching at least one or more courses to obtain the certification.

Like any course taken, you can pay for training, you can not pay for certification. 

Please contact Robin about all instructor courses. 

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Instructor Level Courses are listed following the Diver Level Courses.

Instructor Level Courses are listed following the Diver Level Courses.

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Diver and Instructor Training…..
Training should challenge your limits while teaching you new skills to use when the unexpected happens.  Give you in-depth knowledge of new equipment and how to use it to meet the underwater world head on.  Bring you into new environments, some unforgiving while wondrous in what there is to reveal to you


Expect to be challenged, expect your skills to be better at the end of a course than the beginning, expect to look at your diving differently with every course you take. 


We don’t believe you need to harass a student for them to learn. We do believe students will create learning situations that we will use to help them retain the knowledge.  We don’t teach what to think, only how to discover what works, and there are lots of things that work.  We understand all of us learn in different ways and will use different teaching methods to help you learn regardless of how you learn best.  Pick a course and give us a try. Let us surprise you with how much more there is to learn about diving.