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Our Mission

We strive to bring you high quality training and support materials along with equipment manufacturers producing products desired and in demand. To develop diving programs within your business necessary to remain viable and profitable. We believe training agencies and manufacturers should support the dive business. It is our goal to partner with the diving community in sharing ideas, concepts and methods that are proven. Striving for ways to “expand the box” in the search for new means of encouraging the diver, our mutual customer, to remain active in this sport we call Scuba Diving.

The Company...

Deeper Blue Scuba Inc. was formed in 1999 by Robin L. Bashor, President of the corporation, to provide advanced technical diver training throughout Colorado.  The business quickly expanded to the surrounding region when Robin became a Regional Training Director for several training agencies and equipment manufacturers. His passion for training divers and instructors has become a major part of the company.  These programs have become well recognized and sought after by potential technical divers throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Whether he is teaching open circuit or closed circuit his students have come to know the importance of becoming "thinking divers".  His “discovery” approach to learning teaches his students “how” to think not what to think.  His students will tell you, they learn to respond to the myriad of potential problems they may encounter with a well thought out plan and a team approach to their diving. The company was formed in 1999 however, Robin has been diving since 1980 and teaching since 1999.  He is a seasoned Instructor / Instructor Trainer with IANTD providing technical diver and Instructor training from basic courses through Full Trimix Open and Closed Circuit diving.